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Friday, September 28, 2012

It Begins With A Dream...

Like most things, our decision to adopt began with a dream: my dream that is.  I don't think my wife ever dreamed she would find herself on this journey!  

For many years my dream remained locked in my heart behind a door labeled "Maybe Someday".  Then a little over a year ago, things began happening which made me start searching for the key to that room!  Conversations between my wife and I began happening.  She began showing an openness to the idea that I had never seen before.  She began praying and then not too many months ago, she informed me that she was in agreement.  I had a green light! 

We began gathering information, and were overwhelmed!  How was this even possible!  The costs we found were staggering!  They still are.  I confess that I began to be fearful.  Maybe I had jumped the gun a little on this one.  I allowed some months to pass and simply prayed for God to give me clear direction.  He answered.

Through some phone calls and further prayer, God has led us to the country of Peru.  We believe that this is the place from where God has chosen to add to our family.  I am excited!

We have informed our Families and our Church.  They are supportive, which is nice!  We are currently in the process of raising money.  The costs will amount to somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000.00!  We don't have that much lying around!

I am currently working on a bold fundraiser which I will blog about soon.  For now, please pray with us.  Take a moment and leave a comment of encouragement.  We are not naive about the road ahead. We have prayed much, and sought much counsel.  We are moving ahead.  

Soon we will have a link on the site where you can donate if you would like to help.  Untill then, I can be reached at 910-742-4888 


You may send correspondence to 
Mark Foster
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