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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Good News!

     It has been several weeks since we updated our readers on our adoption.  These last weeks have been a combination of waiting and waiting...and, you guessed it... more waiting to secure a home study agency.

     The good news is...we are finally making some progress with our Home Study! :)  As previously posted, we thought that we were going to be able to go ahead with the second home study agency. Unfortunately, that agency also fell through for us, but it appears that the third agency we have contacted will be the one we will use.  Home Study agency number three has accepted our application, and they are now waiting on us to gather all of paperwork - including, but not limited to, marriage and birth certificates, doctor's health forms for all members of the family, background checks, and autobiographies to send in to them.  Once we have sent the requested paperwork in, we will begin the face to face interviews with the social worker.  We hope to have all the paperwork sent in and ready to go by mid-April.  The Home Study process is likely to go on through the month of June before its completion but will be a major step forward in completing the entire adoption process. 

     While we were waiting to get our home study agency, we did begin doing some of the reading that is required by our placement agency.  There are several hours worth of education that we have to complete as part of the adoption process, including some reading about the history and people of the country (Hungary) from where we are pursing the adoption.

      We will keep you posted on how things are going.  Thanks for following along with us as we travel "Our Road To Adoption".