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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Packin' Up, Gettin' Ready To Go

Let the countdown begin!!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, including an unexpected trip out of state for a funeral, our vehicle being backed into in a parking lot which resulted in a dent in the passenger side door, a delayed flight which caused a missed flight at the Philadelphia airport, and a court date for travel to Poland!!!!

On Tuesday, June 23rd, we received the email we have been waiting for, which gave us our bonding period (meaning the two weeks we will have temporary custody of our daughter before the final adoption decree is given), and our court date (when she will legally become part of our family).  We have purchased our tickets to Warsaw and will be headed out in less than two weeks! :-)

In October, my brother brought my husband some Moxie (a soft drink only available in parts of the North East, USA, specifically Maine), and he saved a can of it to drink when we bought tickets to get our daughter.  One of our boys received some Fanta around Christmas time, and he put one of his cans away with the Moxie to also be drunk in celebration of the purchase of our tickets to Poland.  This past week they got to celebrate with their Moxie and Fanta!