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Monday, November 25, 2013

How It All Began

Some, maybe many, of you have not heard how we got to this place.  What prompted us to adopt?  How did we get here?   I don't think this story has been told very often, and I know this is the first time I have written it down.  Today, I am a guest blogger on Marcy Hanson's No Maybe Baby blog where you can read how we got to this point and where we are today.* (Click here to read our story.)

*  There is an update to my guest post.  We received our immigration approval this past Thursday!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Immigration Approval

Woohoo! Our immigration approval form came in the mail today!  (Though the only name you see in the photo below is Mark's, my name is there farther down the paper.)  Thanks to all of you who have prayed with us for this.  We are very thankful to have it and excited to move forward in this process.

The next step is to get our dossier (doss-ee-ay) together and sent to Hungary for approval.  For the last several days, we have been working to get this ready to go.  We have most of what we need and will finish collecting the rest of it as quickly as possible.  We will be also be talking with our worker at Lifeline after Thanksgiving to determine when we will send it overseas.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Learning To Ride

Let me start by saying that we don't have any new news right now about the immigration or grant applications.  I did speak to someone last week from one of the grant/loan agencies to verify some information.  Based on what I was told during that phone call, we should hear something from them in the next week or two. This particular group gives interest free loans that are based on the adoption tax credit: they loan you (interest free) a certain amount of money, and you can pay it back after the adoption when you receive the tax credit.  It would not cover all of the cost but would help tremendously.  Like all the grant/loan companies, they usually have more applicants than money.  Please pray with us about this possibility.

As you may have guessed by the photo, Mark is learning to ride the unicycle.  He has had a desire to learn to ride one for several years, so he decided also use it as a tool to raise money for our adoption expenses.  This fundraiser is not planned until the spring  (late March or early April is the thought right now): his plan is to get sponsors (like a bike or walk-a-thon participant would) and ride the unicycle for a specific number of miles.   There are many details to work out, and we do not have all the plans made as of yet, but we thought you might enjoy an occasional update as he learns to ride and prepares for it.

Mark had never been on a unicycle until he purchased this one.  The above photo was taken a few days after he began learning to ride when he still needed to hang on to stay on.  He has made some great improvements since then and can now ride a good distance.  In this you tube video, he is riding on unpaved ground which is quite a bit more difficult than riding on the road but is good practice for him.  Enjoy!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Forever Families...Making A Difference

November is National Adoption Month.  In the adoption world, it is a time to get the word out about orphans, raising awareness about the need that the fatherless around the globe have for forever families, as well as raising needed funds to make this a reality for these children.

Featured today on the how to be a dad today website is a podcast interview from Craig Stewart whose family has become the "forever family" for two children, one of them with special needs.  It isn't always easy, but there are blessings in this journey too.  Follow the link below to listen as he shares from his heart a glimpse of their "making a difference" story.