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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It is hard to believe that tomorrow begins the month of May!  We only have eight more school days!!!! We are all excited and ready for the longer summer break.  

We are still waiting for a referral.  Though we knew it would be unusual, we really hoped to already have a referral by now.  As much as we wanted to be ready to go shortly after school is out, we have learned some patience and are ok with knowing that it will be mid to late summer or later before it happens.

We will be taking the last of our required (adoption) training in the next few weeks.  This is does not have to be done until 'sometime' before travel, but we are going to complete it soon-one less thing to worry about when we are actively making travel plans. We are also using this waiting time to get helpful information from others who have already completed their adoptions. We very much appreciate the willingness of the families who have been open with us about their adoptions, freely answering the many questions we have asked, and giving us suggestions and advice that will be needed in the months ahead. 

Spring is has sprung out in full force here.  Here are a few photos from our area.  Enjoy!