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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Home Study Update

It has been a little over a month since we saw our daughter for the first time.  In that time we have been collecting everything we need for our home study update.  A home study update is exactly what it sounds like: anything that has changed since our home study was originally written is updated with the new information.  This could include anything from changing jobs or moving, to something simpler such as updating that we have all become another year older.  :D Other things that are updated include all child abuse clearances, criminal clearances, and general medical health for all members of the family.  Since our original home study, our state has also begun requiring FBI clearances.  We were fingerprinted on Monday at the local police department, and we mailed the fingerprints and the official form that is required to the company that will process it to the FBI.  (We are using a third party company to process our request to the FBI: it is much faster than going directly through them.  A third party can get results for us in about two weeks, but it can take up to four months to get results directly from the FBI.)

We also needed to have a face to face visit with our social worker, which we had today.  It lasted about twenty minutes,  and it was done. Our social worker will rewrite and update our information for us to send in with our immigration paperwork.  We have done this before...just about exactly a year ago.  We received our first immigration approval a few days before Thanksgiving, 2013.  We hope to have our second approval before Thanksgiving this year.  Once our FBI clearances show up (they should be here late next week), we can get our information out to USCIS for approval to adopt from Poland (instead of Hungary like our original paper states).

One round down, a few more to go!  See this post under "When Will We Travel" for more information about what still needs to happen for us to be ready to travel.

This is how we have felt for the last month.  :-)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Orphan Advocate - Lifesong

"Orphan Sunday isn't about charity; it's about the mission of Christ. I pray that every Gospel-transformed congregation will observe Orphan Sunday, calling all Christians to our mandate to image Christ by caring for his little brothers and sisters, the fatherless of the world." -- Dr. Russell Moore, author Adopted for Life

On November 2nd, Christians around the globe will stand together with one goal: to rouse believers with God's call to care for the orphan and what our role is in response.

Does your family, small group or church have plans for Orphan Sunday? There are so many ways that we can honor orphans collectively as the Body of Christ on Orphan Sunday. If you don't have plans or haven't heard of an event near you, here are 4 ways you can engage in this year's Orphan Sunday:
  1. Advent for Orphans Calendar -- see explanation below.
  2. Orphan's Table -- share a meal eaten by orphans around the world. Gather with family, small group or church for the meal, discussion and prayer.
  3. Plan an Orphan Sunday event with a Partnership Package -- easy-to-follow Orphan Sunday event plan, enabling you to partner with an organization to create a simple event!
  4. Contact your Regional Orphan Sunday Coordinator with questions, to seek ideas as you plan, or to let them know that you will be holding an event.
Be sure to also check out their other resources which include videos, prayer guides, sermon notes, t-shirts & more! Together, let's stand for the orphan!

To learn more about Orphan Sunday or find an event near you visit

Advent Calendar 2014

Get your FREE Advent Calendar & celebrate with purpose! 

See how your family, small group or church can celebrate the anticipate the birth of our Savior in a special way that also shows love to orphans.

Limited supply of Advent for Orphans calendars available! Learn more & order your calendar today at

Friday, October 10, 2014

(Unofficial) Match!!

Yes! We have an unofficial match for a two year old little girl.  :D  The twist we did not anticipate...she is from Poland, not Hungary.  We are very excited about this and look forward to traveling to Poland to make her a part of our family early next year.  Here are the answers to some common questions we have heard. :)

Poland?!  Why did you not get a referral from Hungary?

Our agency works in four different countries in Eastern Europe.  We got a call from from them a little more than a week ago, September 26th, and with it came the question, "Would you consider switching to the Poland program? We have someone we would like you to consider for your family."  My initial reaction was that people are going to think we. are. crazy. (We really are not. :D ), but that weekend we decided that this is the direction we should go, and on Monday (9/29), we started the ball rolling to bring her home.  There was no pressure from our agency to switch, and had we desired to do so, we could have stayed in the Hungary program.

When will you travel?

Though we are not changing agencies, we are changing to a different program within our agency.  This means paperwork updates to reflect Poland (instead of Hungary) in our home study and immigration paperwork. Then our dossier will be sent to Poland for translation, and we will get an official referral.  One more round of paperwork needs to be sent in to U.S. immigration, and this one is child specific, meaning that we are getting permission to bring our daughter home.  At this point, it will be up to the local judge in Poland to give us a court date, so it will be approximately four to five months before we can travel.  

How can we pray?

1)  You can pray for the preparation and transition time for our family and the daughter we have yet to meet.  Though we are not new parents, we are new to parenting this child.  Please pray for our other  children who are excited about their new sister: pray that all four children will bond together quickly as a family.  We hope to complete this part of the process soon, but it is the beginning, not the end of this journey.

2)  Please pray for as little delay as possible with all the paperwork.  We are working on getting all of our paperwork updated (The home-study and immigration approval has an expiration date.  Even if we had stayed in the Hungary program, we would have to have these updates done early in the new year.) and would like to get it overseas as soon as possible.

Feel free to ask any questions that we have not answered, but please be aware that there is some information that, for privacy reasons, we will politely decline to answer.

Watching videos of their soon-to-be-sister for the first time!  Do you think they are excited?