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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Still Here

I have not kept up with the blog this summer as was my intention, but we are still here. :) Let me start by saying that there is nothing new to share right now with the adoption.  We are still waiting for a referral but know that in His time, it will come.

A brief "catch you up"....

Hurricane Arthur blew through our area on July 3rd (with very little damage, mostly lots of rain and wind), and we were so glad it was gone by the 4th.  We spent a good portion of Independence Day at home before heading to the home of friends for dinner.  We did go see some local fireworks - this is the first year that we actually went to the park where they are shot off.  We normally watch them from our backyard (a pretty good view), but the kiddos wanted to see them up closer this year, so off we went. We did enjoy the time there but were definitely ready for bed that night.

On July 15th, we began our school year again.  We did start earlier than we normally do but plan to take several days off later this month when we would usually be in school.  The ability to take time off when it works the best for our family is definitely a homeschool perk! :D We will be out of town next week and have family scheduled to come for several days at various times throughout the latter part of August.  Having already been in school for almost a month, we are ready for some time out and look forward to time spent with family.

                                           Flag being blown around during the wind and rain of Hurricane Arthur 
We have seen a lot of rain like this in the last few weeks.  June was mostly sunny, but July made up for it with days in a row of wet weather.  We have finally seen the sun for a while today - the first time in the last five days.  Here are a few recent photos.
Happy Birthday America!