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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Down the Long Road
It has been a little bit since our last update.  The nature of the adoption process, as we are finding out, is that there is a lot of waiting.  First, let me give you an update on the total amount raised by the Walk of Hope.

I want to give you a conservative number, since not all of the money has come in.  Currently, the amount is right around $2500.00.  I am praying that it will ultimately be about $3,000 by the time all the money comes in.  We hope to be getting the check in the mail soon to the Orphanage in Peru.  You can see more about this orphanage here.

So what now?  Well, we are currently in a lot of discussions with the placement agency in Alabama.  It would be soooo much easier if these conversations could take place face to face, but the staff at Lifeline has been terrific.  Literally they have spent nearly two hours on the phone with us in just the last week.  There have been a couple of hiccups and some things that still need to be ironed out. We knew this process would be long, and we appreciate you patience and ask that you continue to pray and send notes of encouragement along the way.  We have some major decisions that will need to be made in the next week, and we would love for you to pray for wisdom.  I cannot be more specific at the moment, but I will give an update after the fact.  For now, please pray!

In many ways, Erika and I feel like we are blazing a new trail, in that we do not know what we are doing, and have had to work really hard for the information.  Erika has been a great help in the research and information side of things!  Hopefully, God will use what we are learning to enable us to help other families in the years ahead!

If you would like to donate, or send a word of encouragement, please do so via this blog, or you can call or text my cell# 910-742-4888. 

Again, I wish we had more to share at this point, but this is part of the process.  We covet your prayers and support.  Thanks!