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Monday, November 19, 2012

And He's Off...

 It's here! Preparations for this Walk of Hope have been several weeks in the making, but now we are already three hours into it! 

 Our family arrived at our church parking lot this morning at about 6:45 and were met by four men from our church who came to pray with him and see Mark off.  It was a cool 54*, cloudy, and windy, but it was not (and is not) raining!!  (It rained all day yesterday and the chances for rain today were at 70%.  We have been praying about the weather and are excited to see an answer to that prayer.)

Mark stated that he feels like a trussed up turkey with all of the layers he is wearing for warmth and to keep the circulation moving in his legs. Armed with a backpack containing Gatorade, some snacks, reflective gear, and a cell phone, he and one of our church men started out.  He is planning to walk about 40 miles before stopping tonight, which will take a little over 11 hours at his current rate of speed.  Thanks to a borrowed solar phone charger, Mark will not have to worry about the battery on his phone dying, and calls or texts of encouragement are welcome. ((910) 742-4888)  If you text, Mark does request that you identify yourself (especially if he not likely to have your number) in the text so that he knows to whom he is responding.   As of 10:30 am, Mark is at the McDonald's in Hampstead.  You can see a video and follow his progress on Mark's Twitter account, @preacherfoster, or if you are not on Twitter, go to to see his Twitter feed. 

It is not too late to sponsor the walk! If you would like to be a sponsor, please fill out the form to the right of your screen and click submit. Thanks for your support.

 Here are the links to two of the you tube updates done today.  You may need to copy and paste the second one in order to view it (vs. just clicking on it).

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